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To schedule a workshop or seminar, please contact Jaden at [email protected].
For a schedule of upcoming workshops, click here.

One and Two-Day Workshops

Finish Your Novel Now
Have you always dreamed of writing a novel but didn’t know where to start? Have you started a dozen (or a hundred) manuscripts, only to bog down after a few thousand words? Maybe you’ve made it halfway through your book, but gotten lost in a muddle of a middle. This nuts & bolts workshop will take you from the initial idea to a completed first draft. You’ll learn how to:

·         create the scaffolding (story structure) and a strong foundation for your novel

·         create memorable characters with depth and complexity

·         use background and sensory details to bring the world of your story to life

·         and much more.

This workshop gives you a step-by-step guide to getting ready to write and follows up with practical strategies for getting the book done. Whatever your genre, you’ll learn strategies for starting and finishing the book of your dreams.

Make Your Book Better
There’s a lot of talk about marketing and promotion these days, but the real keystone of a writer’s career is craft. A well-crafted, well-edited book shows courtesy to and respect for the reader. To that end, this seminar focuses on strengthening story structure, deepening characters, sharpening dialogue, heightening tension, and tightening and polishing prose. No one can promise your book will be a bestseller, but whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this workshop can help you make your book better.

Half Day Workshops (Can be Adapted to Longer Workshops or 1- to 2-Hour Seminars)

Planning the Novel
This workshop is a step-by-step guide to getting ready to write. A truncated version of the Finish Your Novel Now workshop listed above, this session will help you take your book from the initial idea through the planning stage and into the starting gate. You’ll create the scaffolding and foundation for your novel. Then you’ll learn how to deepen and develop your story. At the end of the workshop, each student will receive a day-by-day guide to completing the novel.

Crafting Characters
Think of your favorite book. What brought it to life? Chances are, it was the characters. What is it that makes certain characters stay with us for days or even decades after we’ve turned the final page? This workshop focuses on turning paper people into complex, well-rounded individuals who will live on in your readers’ minds.

He Said, She Said, We Said, They said: Writing Effective Dialogue
Effective dialogue is more than just what people say. It reveals character, drives the plot, reveals subtext, and often evokes emotion. It’s not speech. It’s an illusion of speech. When done correctly, the mechanisms are invisible. This workshop will show you how to write clean, crisp dialogue that brings your characters to life and sounds more natural than the real thing.

Revision and Editing
You’ve written “the end,” but are you really finished? How can you make that manuscript better? This workshop is a truncated version of the Make Your Book Better workshop listed above.

The Storyteller Within: Unleashing the Muse
Whether or not you believe in writer’s block, whether or not you believe the Muse is a delicate beast, there’s no denying that sometimes we need to recharge our creative batteries. This fun and inspirational infusion of creativity will revive your excitement and help you jumpstart your novel or short story. Guaranteed to awaken your inner storyteller.

30-Minute to 1-Hour Talks

Hidalgo or Secretariat: The Power of Perseverance (Motivational)
Some people achieve their dreams with apparent ease, getting the job after the first interview, the promotion after a few months, the book contract within months of writing “the end,” the movie deal a few weeks later. Those people are Secretariats, fast out of starting gate, first to the finish line. Most of us are not Secretariats. But remember this: Hidalgo also won his race. This session focuses on the power of perseverance—not just staying the course, but building and bettering ourselves as we travel it. Not just pounding on the door, but finding the keys to make it open.  

 First a Compass, Then a Map: Knowing What You Want and How to Get It (Motivational)
“If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” This session will help you focus your dream, define your goals, and create a workable plan that will put you on a path toward accomplishment.

 Planning Your Novel (How-to)
This is a truncated, “hit-the-high-points” version of the Planning Your Novel session listed above.

Crafting Characters (How-to)
This is a truncated, “hit-the-high-points” version of the Crafting Characters session listed above.

 Dialogue (How-to)
This is a truncated, “hit-the-high-points” version of the Dialogue session listed above.



Racing the Devil:

 “The perfect combination of noir and human hope.” Sheila Deeth, Café Libre

 “These characters are so good, they don’t need a plot. Fortunately, there is a plot—a good one.” Betty Webb, for Mystery Scene Magazine

 “It’s a smart story, well constructed and well told. Jared is a solidly designed lead character, and, given that the novel is billed as “a Jared McKean mystery,” it seems likely the author intends the private eye to anchor a series. Not a bad idea, if subsequent novels can keep this one’s nice balance of character and story." David Pitt, Booklist

 “This character-driven PI debut is intriguing because of the protagonist’s complicated family. Their presence is important to the story line and makes for a memorable read. Watch for a sequel soon." Library Journal

 "Terrell’s promising debut introduces Nashville PI Jared McKean, who finds himself caught in an almost perfect frame for murder…Jared comes across convincingly as a savvy and sympathetic urban detective who, despite his own difficulties, is ever ready and able to defend people or animals in trouble." Publishers Weekly

 "Racing the Devil by Jaden Terrell is a compelling story you know you'd like to slow down and savour, but there's no time--you must read on. Forget laundry and gardening; once you begin the story, your afternoon is done for. An ex-Nashville cop turned detective, Jared McKean, the protagonist, is many things we’d like to be vicariously: noble, chivalrous, attractive, and sexually conscious in a (mostly) subtle, provocative way. Written in first person, we hear his thoughts, unspoken wishes and reactions. This is the real stunner in Racing the Devil: Jared’s voice. He has an attractive humility, with touches of (possibly) self-deprecating humour—the kind of voice which I associate with the best books I have read . . . Days later, Jared is still with me. An excellent adventure." Theresa de Valence, Reviews by T de V

 "This is a first-rate PI novel that opens with one of the best-constructed frame-ups I ever read -- positioning the hero, ex-cop Jared McKean, dead center for a first-degree murder charge -- and just gets better as it goes along. When even his former friends on the police force doubt his innocence, McKean finds himself in a three-hundred-sixty-degree nightmare, one that (even to a second-guessing reader like me) seems to have no way out. The setting is Nashville, but it's a real insider's Nashville, as far from Music Row as it's possible to get. Written in spare, note-perfect prose, with a knockout plot and characters who don't go away when you close the cover, this is a terrific book. I hope there's going to be a lot more of Jared McKean.”  -Timothy Hallinan, author of the Poke Rafferty Bangkok mysteries A Nail Through the Heart, The Fourth Watcher, Breathing Water, and The Queen of Patpong.

“The stuff Hollywood movies are made of. Suspense, intrigue, hi-fi action—all the ingredients of a staple thriller are there in the correct proportions in Racing the Devil…Terrell delivers a punching thriller that's pure Hitchcockian in suspense.”  - Narayan Radhakrishnan, New Mystery Review


A Cup Full of Midnight

 “If there's anything Terrell can't do, you wouldn't know it from reading A Cup Full of Midnight.  This is a riveting, deeply felt novel with a terrific mystery at its core.” – Timothy Hallinan, Edgar nominee and author of the critically acclaimed Poke Rafferty Bangkok thrillers

“Jared McKean, the Nashville cop-turned-private-eye, returns for a second helping of action and intrigue . . . In the first McKean mystery, the excellent Racing the Devil (2012), Jared was a suspect in a homicide; here, it's his nephew. You'd think this might lead to a case of the rerun blahs, but, despite the thematic similarity to its predecessor, the book works very well. Terrell gives Jared plenty of fresh detecting to do, and he includes a meaty subplot involving the manipulative nature of cults (especially on impressionable young minds). A worthy successor to the author s top-notch debut. Fans of mainstream PI novels definitely need to check out Terrell. --Booklist, August 2012

 “Author Terrell does not just tell a story, she plays with language to permit the story to take on its own life as you read. And her characters never lose their humanity, even as they struggle with pain that is almost more than an individual can bear.” --Suspense Magazine

"Saddle up for PI Jared McKean's welcome second appearance. While successfully juggling a complex cast with numerous minidramas, Terrell never loses focus on a case about troubled teens, which [he] writes with sympathy" --Library Journal

 “If you didn't read Jaden Terrell's Racing the Devil you missed a really good mystery novel. But don't worry--you don't have to have read it to be wholly enthralled and wholly satisfied by this second Jared McKean mystery. A Cup Full of Midnight is complete on its own, an intellectually thrilling mystery, psychologically scary and real, filled with memorable real-world characters and the sort of social commentary that comes from genuine conversation and honest concern. Jared McKean is a wounded protagonist with the strength to fight foes, the honesty to know when he's beaten and the determination to get up and carry on. He's frequently beaten but never down and out, and his concern for client, family, stranger and friend crosses boundaries of prejudice and bends the law with love . . . These characters could live next door. These wounds could be worn by neighbors anywhere. But a story this powerful is hard to find, a mystery this intriguing, or a narrator as brutally honest and generous and kind. I'm lucky to have read both novels of this series. I'm eagerly awaiting more. – Sheila Deeth, Café Libre


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