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Here, you'll find  a collection of mystery writers, fantasy and sf writers, writers of other genres, and a list of some of my favorite books. There's bound to be something here for everyone...eventually.

Mystery and Crime Writers' Web Sites


Sally Bissell

Don Bruns

Chester Campbell: Chester's award-winning Nashville-based mystery series features retired former Air Force OSI agent, Greg McKenzie. From the first book in the series, Secret of the Scroll, to the third, Deadly Illusions, Chester gives the reader an intelligent adventure with heart and humor.

John Connolly: One of my favorite authors, John writes novels that are vivid, dark, and beautiful, mysteries with a hint of the supernatural. I met John at Bouchercon 2005, and he was perfect--funny, charming, and kind. And Irish. The accent is to die for. If you ever get a chance to hear this guy speak, take advantage of it.

Lonnie Cruse

Howard Sherman: Sherman's specialty is Interactive Crime Fiction - Try to crack the case in an interactive murder mystery where you are the detective. The URL is http://www.malinche.net/murdermystery.html

Mary Saums

Sarah Shaber

Patricia Sprinkle

Marcia Talley

Kathryn Wall

David Wiltse

Steven Womack: Steve Womack is the author of three mystery series, including the Harry Denton series set in Nashville. Steve, a gifted instructor, teaches screenwriting at Watkins Institute. His new book, By Blood Written, is his most ambitious yet.



Fantasy/SF Writers

Terry McGarry: Terry McGarry's Illumination and Binder's Road contain some of the most beautiful writing I've ever come across. Sometimes I just have to stop and re-read a section because the language takes my breath away. If, as Mark Twain said, the difference between the right word and the almost right word is like the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug, then this author has indeed harnessed lightning. Her web site is almost as stunning as her books. Check it out at www.eidenmyr.com/home.html.

Other Writers, Other Genres

Maggie Bishop: If you like adventure, romance and intrigue with an Appalachian flavor, you might want to check out Maggie Bishop's Appalachian Paradise and Emeralds in the Snow.

Miscellaneous Favorite Books

The Time Traveler's Wife

We Need to Talk Bout Kevin

A Prayer for Owen Meany

Watership Down

A Separate Peace

The Outsiders

The Collector

The Other

The Last Unicorn

Reily's Luck

Aging With Grace

The Call of the Wild

Old Yeller



To Love is to be Happy With

The Nanny Diaries

In Cold Blood

The Onion Field